H2O Proekt is a company specializing in the sales and distribution of products and liquid handling systems in sectors such as pools, industry, construction works, agriculture…, offering solutions to any type of need in these sectors, forming part of our client’s business development and participating in new projects where our contribution is beneficial and effective.

H2O Proekt has always known that there is only one way to increase competitiveness with other companies, and that is to offer high quality products, provide the best service to their clients and that your team consists of professionals, fully involved and identified with their work.

High quality products is an absolutely necessary condition in order to provide clients with security and trust. For that reason, H2O Proekt on his offer have products from some of the largest companies in the world, such as: Hidroten, DIGI Project, ELBE Pool Surface, Ferro Systems, Saci, QP, Fairland Group